Behold! Where’s Wallace?

My friend Ian text me earlier to ask if I’d had a breakdown.  I think he was worried that I’d not really thought all of this through, and then he asked me whether there was any drug taking going on that he should know about.

Yes, I’ve quit my job.  And yes, I’m moving out of my flat and putting all of my stuff into storage.  But no, I’ve not got another job.  And no, I’ve not got anywhere else to live.

Oh crikey, I can see all your faces now, with your big wide eyes and your nervously embarrassed looking smiles.  Seriously though, there’s no need to worry, so you can all close your mouths.

I’ve decided to go on an adventure.  A new and exciting challenge, so far removed from life as I (and I suspect most of you) know it, that it might look like a breakdown, but I can assure you it’s not.

For some time now, I’ve been struggling with the reality of not being altogether that happy with the way my life was panning out.  It was all looking a bit, boring.  It was looking a lot like how I’d expected somebody else’s life to look by the time they got to 30, and it was, if I’m honest, starting to make me rather unhappy.

You lot – my friends, colleagues, family and casual acquaintances – might not have noticed it thanks to the all consuming tide of sunshine that perpetually beams from my aching smile.  But then again, I suppose there’s a chance that you might have wondered whether something wasn’t quite right.

So, in a fit of wreckless abandon, I hatched a plan so secret in its conception that not even I have really known what’s going on.

Now though, I’m ready to tell you all what’s afoot.

Gentles and ladymen, I give you……………Where’s Wallace?

My aim?  To raise as much money as humanly possible for Cancer Research UK, by walking from John O’Groats to Lands End, via all 16 of the charity’s dedicated research centres.  Along the way, I’ll be producing a series of short videos about each of the centres that will aim to show you exactly what the money that Cancer Research UK raises is used to fund. Namely, science!

And why?  Because this really matters, to all of us.  Cancer Research UK is financing an army of white coat-wearing heroes who are working tirelessly to solve the mysteries of cancer, and I want to meet them.  And I want you to meet them with me.  And then I want all of us to help them, so that together we can all say “thank you” for everything that they do.

And thankfully, now that this internet thing has caught on, you’ll all be able to join me.  The Where’s Wallace? adventure – if you’ll let it – will be beamed to your brains in a live, on the road, blow by blow, and bloggingly beautiful mishap of Twitter, Facebook and YouTubeable togetherness.

So you see, Ian, I’m fine.