NEW – Creation Station

It strikes me that I’ve got some clever friends.  More than I’ve ever had before in fact, now that my big cuddly family of Facebook and Twitter supporters is growing!

So, I’ve developed the CREATION STATION for the artistically inclined of you to have a look at!

Let’s have some fun with the actual question “Where’s Wallace?”

Where do you want me to be?

On the back of a bus?  On a flag on top of the Prime Ministers house?  In a meeting with Barack Obama?

Head to the Creation Station and you’ll be able to download a whole load of pictures of me in different poses, along with some of the Where’s Wallace? branding and artwork.  Then, you can Photoshop away until your teeth begin to itch!

And the Creation Station needn’t be just about pictures and photoshopping either.  Make me a video, sing me a song, paint me a picture, or borrow some of Lionel Richie’s spare plasticine and sculpt a life-size representation of my head.

Email me your creations to