Operation Magnum Double Caramel

In years to come – I don’t know how many – there’ll be history books talking about this.

Actual books, written by actual history people……. like Tony Robinson, maybe……. and they’ll write about how Operation Magnum Double Caramel marked a significant and important milestone in the Where’s Wallace? campaign. It’ll probably read something like this:

At 11.38am, the call went out.

A call, so bold in its delivery that people were left in no doubt of its intention.

“People. Gather here in comfort. Away from the mayhem and burning infernos of our high streets. Let us, together, build a following for a better purpose.” cried Wallace, holding aloft the sacred jokeless wooden stick of temptation. A Magnum Double Caramel.

“Our aim?” He bellowed.

“To gather an army in excess of 100, so that we might better spread the word about Where’s Wallace?”

And from the ranks of friendship, noble men and women stepped forward.

Sir @nickyp2911 of the Preston clan, Lord @edsharman of the Windsor clan (apparently), and Lady @BethanCross, of the Netball team, were amongst them.

And together they set about the Where’s Wallace? mission, until they found their heroine.

And she rose. And she stood before the known Twitterverse, shining as a beacon of better understanding and altruistic integrity.

And her name…………………… was @Caggie_Dunlop!

Alright, so it probably won’t sound anything like that, but you get the point! The success of Where’s Wallace? will depend, so heavily, on the charity and support that we can stir from people using tools like Twitter and Facebook. And with your help in tweeting, liking, posting and poking people to read about what I’m up to, I can see great things happening.

Thank you, to everybody that is working so hard to help me already. It means so much and I can only hope that I’ll do you all proud.