A message from Paul Green, Managing Director of 3G Printing

Where do we start?

When Wallace came to me explaining his ideas about travelling the length and breadth of the country on foot, having quit his job and packed up all of his possessions into storage, I have to admit, I saw an early mid-life crisis.  After further discussions though, Wallace explained his plan to raise money for Cancer Research UK by visiting their 16 research centres along the way.  I was hooked.

There is, however, a more serious reason for my quick commitment.

In early 2008 my mother was diagnosed with bowel cancer.  Since then, multiple operations, several bouts of chemo, a blood transfusion and many other procedures have not kept this disease at bay. Whilst looking extremely well, considering everything that she’s been through, my mother will probably not beat cancer.

We need to understand this disease in order to cure it, and the money that Where’s Wallace? raises will be used to do just that. All of us know family or friends that are affected, but Where’s Wallace? is working to not only raise funds that will be used to help beat cancer, but to raise awareness of how that fight is being fought.

So, back to the campaign. Obviously the idea is one that supports issues close to my heart, but what excites me is the campaign itself and how much money and awareness it could raise.  Given what I know about Wallace and all of his friends, I can see the potential that this campaign has.  In my eyes, this could – and I don’t think I’m exaggerating – become one of the largest non-commercial fundraising ventures that the UK has ever seen.  When Wallace applies himself to a cause like this, he always succeeds, with an exciting project for people to engage with and an impressive amount of money raised for charity to boot. His creative flair and professional skills always make for an exhilarating story.

At 3G, we want to see Where’s Wallace? go viral.  We want Wallaces’ face and voice to make it onto TV programmes and radio shows up and down the country, and we want tens of thousands of pounds to be raised.  If enough people can get just half as excited about this as we are, then it’s going to be huge.

So ‘follow’, ‘tweet,’ ‘retweet’, sponsor and “Where’s Wallace?” your socks off, because we want you to be a part of it.

Thanks for reading.

Paul Michael Green
Managing Director at 3G Printing Ltd


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