Turning the original Where’s Wallace? idea from a daft thought into an equally daft reality involved a lot of hard work.  But, thankfully, I had help from some extremely generous, talented and creative people along the way.  Without them, I wouldn’t have got anywhere near taking my first steps on the road.

I want you to meet them all,  so here they are.


Dan Lord – Forecast
Freelance designer and creative genius.  Dan has been helping me from the first day that silly ideas made their way out of my mouth, producing all of the artwork and promotional materials that you’ll find online and in print for the Where’s Wallace? projects.

If you want to contact Dan to pick at his creative brain, then get in touch with Forecast, via the Forecast Design Facebook page.



David Baird – Photographer
Another good friend and supporter of what I’m up to, Dave has been kind enough to offer some time in the studio to shoot all of the images that Dan works with for the website and publicity materials.  Award winning and very much in demand, Dave’s skills see him shooting some of the biggest music acts in the world and his pictures are regularly broadcast via international newswires to appear in print.

You can reach Dave at, and his website can be found at




Oli Trenouth
Rumour has it, that the internet can be a dangerous place.  It can be particularly dangerous for people like me though, because when it comes to building websites, I really wouldn’t know a CSS template from a carrot.

The words that are filling your eyes right now have made it here thanks to Oli’s expertise and guidance.  Working as a professional web and software developer, Oli is most definitely the man to know when you need to unpick your PHP and your MySQL from out of your backside.  When comedian Tim Minchin destroyed this website with a single tweet, Oli fixed it in minutes with an iPad from the back of a van!  SKILLS!

He’s also been kind enough to save me a fair few quid by charitably hosting on his state-of-the-art, linoleum, silver service thing!

To top it all, he’s a bit of a wiz with video editing and sound engineering.

You can find out more about Oli’s work and expertise at and



Nick Laughton
Nick produced the 3G Printing animation that appears on all of my videos.  It’s not an easy thing to animate logos, so I was hugely grateful when Nick stepped up to help me out.  I’m really grateful, mate, and I know 3G Printing are too.

Nick doesn’t have a website, and I’d be foolish to give any of you his email address.  He’s just a nice guy that’s been kind enough to lend a hand.